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Now enrolling for 2020

Blossom Valley Joy School is now accepting enrollment for the 2020 Year One and Year Two terms!

Year One - Mornings:
Tue, Thur – 9 to 11:30 a.m.

Year Two - Mornings:
Mon, Wed, Fri – 9 to Noon

Year Two - Afternoons:

Tue, Thur - 12:15-2:45 p.m.

For more information, contact Deborah at (408) 406-9358, or email
The Joy School Curriculum
The Joy School Philosophy
Joy Quotient is more important for preschoolers than Intelligence Quotient. Young children need the ability to recognize and create various kinds of joys in life. Blossom Valley Joy School bases its learning philosophy on the book Teaching Your Children Joy, by Linda and Richard Eyre. The Eyre’s state that “…children who have developed a strong sense of emotional and social self-esteem and who have learned to enjoy themselves and their surroundings will ultimately do better in school (and in life) than children who have been academically pushed into reading and math during the tender years when they should have been learning to play...”
Examples of the Joys are:
Joy of the Body - Understanding the wonder and intricacy of our bodies. Learning to take care of them and improve them.
Joy of the Earth - Developing an awareness and appreciation of the earth's beauties.
Joy of Wonder - Finding joy in looking, searching, finding answers and knowledge.
Joy of Goals - Teaching children to notice how good it feels to keep things in order and to set and meet goals.
Joy of Sharing and Service - Helping children to understand that there is joy in sharing and serving others.
Joy of Uniqueness - Nurturing confidence and assurance to cultivate joyful self-esteem.
Daily Activity
Welcome Activity - Puzzles, lacing cards, pattern blocks, and show and tell.
Joy School Lesson - The use of discussion, puppets, stories, creative movement, to present the objective of the day.
Free Play - Time is given to the children to explore the art centers and other activities.
Snack - A healthy snack is provided by the parents each session.
Story/Ending Discussion - Picture books that reinforce the lesson of the day are shared. A brief review of the main objective brings closure to the day.
Outside Play - Plenty of time is allowed for the little ones to run and play.
Blossom Valley Joy School Field Trips
Process-based art exploration
Blossom Valley Joy School Field Trips
Puppet shows are a fun language & creativity development tool
Blossom Valley Joy School Field Trips
Ice cube play